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Updated: Mar 11

It’s good to talk about our mental health. And at Trident House our door is open for you to come on in and talk about it, when the symptoms of your mental health condition are affecting you. That same door’s open, too, when you’re having a good day.

You may have heard of mental health campaigns in the news, or celebrities on social media aiming to break the perceived stigma of living with a mental health condition.

Mental health awareness is sometimes described as a talking point in a national conversation – and we think that’s a really positive step in the right direction. It’s getting easier to talk about mental health conditions and identify how people need support and understanding.

But when the symptoms of your condition are bringing you down, it’s not always easy to know where to turn and talk with a mental illness.

That’s why Make a Difference has an open-door policy at Trident House and provides a safe place to come, whether you want to talk about your feelings and anxieties, or simply need some company.

It’s good to talk about mental health. But it’s also good for our mental health to be among friendly people who’ll understand and listen when you’re having an up or down day, or are feeling anxious or lonely.

Friendship and good company are important to maintaining everyone’s mental health. We believe that everyone can make a difference to someone else’s life, when they drop in at Trident House.

You can talk about how you’re feeling, or what’s worrying you, or listen to someone else. You can ask for help to fill in forms for benefits or job applications that can be stressful or confusing.

Or you can simply talk over a cup of tea – about the weather, football, TV, or what’s going on in the world and enjoy a conversation that’s not focused upon your symptoms, but may be a positive for your mental health.

You don’t need a diagnosis or referral to drop into Trident House and become a part of the Make a Difference community, whether you are seeking support, or would like to lend your own through friendship or volunteering.


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