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Here are some mental health resources that could make a positive difference to your life. From identifying the symptoms, to finding ways to cope, here's what we'd like to share.

Have you been trying to 'stay strong'?

We need to talk about mental health: in today's busy world stress often seen as something  we just have to deal with.  But this can mount up and make our minds ill,. In this video,  YouTuber Prince Ea talks about how we can feel pressured to 'stay strong'. He talks about how we can adapt our  lifestyle and ways of thinking,  for better mental wellbeing.


We all encounter stress, but completing a task,  or enjoying a relaxing activity can help to relieve that mental pressure.
When stress builds up, though, it can have an impact upon both our mental health and our physical wellbeing.
This video looks at how mental pressures can affect us physically. It provides useful pointers to recognise the signs of built-up stress, and how to feel less pressured.

Am I depressed?

Changes in our mood, outlook and the way we behave can be symptoms of depression. But it is not always easy to recognise or admit that what we're going through is depression..
In this animated video, the World Health Organisation imagines that depression is black dog, which can become like a shadow that follows you around. It shows you that there are ways of controlling the black dog, so that it does not take charge of you.

Facing fears: anxiety

It's not always easy for people to understand anxiety. It can be hard to explain how it can make you feel, and how these feelings can affect your life and daily routines.
This video looks at 11 ways that anxiety can commonly affect people who live with this mental health condition. It offers some ways you can help support yourself, or someone you know, to cope in situations that can cause anxiety.

Coping when panic attacks

Panic attacks are triggered by our 'flight-or-fight' hormones going into overload. The thoughts and physical feelings caused by a panic attack can be very frightening.
This video explains what's going on in your body and brain when a panic attack strikes. It shares self-care techniques for getting through a panic attack. It also explores how to identify and cope with situations that trigger panic, as well as help you support someone you know through a panic attack.