The lowdown on Make a Difference

Do I need an appointment for mental health support at Make a Difference Tavistock?

You don't need an appointment to access mental health support in Tavistock. The Arch is a drop-in-centre for anyone who is coping with mental health difficulties, or who would like to offer support and friendship.

Do I need a diagnosis or referral for mental health support at Make a Difference?

You don't need a mental health diagnosis or a referral to access our free mental health support at The Arch.
Make a Difference Tavistock is a safe space for anyone who needs support with their mental wellbeing, or is feeling anxious, marginalised, lonely or demoralised.

Can anyone drop in to The Arch?

As an open-door mental health charity, Make a Difference is about community, belonging and preventing social isolation. Our mental health hub and  arts and crafts workshops at the Arch are open to all, whether or not you identify as having a mental illness.
Our mission  is to bring people in Tavistock and the surrounding areas of West Devon and South East Cornwall together, through conversation, social activities and stress-free pursuits.
You can walk in at any time during opening hours and stay for as long – or as short a time – as you like.

Do I need to live locally for the charity's mental health support?

As a small mental health charity, we primarily cover West Devon, South East Cornwall and South Hams.

Our doors are open to anyone who lives within a manageable travelling distance of our Tavistock base, the Arch.

What kind of mental health support does Make a Difference Tavistock provide?

Make a Difference Tavistock offers trained volunteer-led and peer-to-peer support.

It provides a relaxed space for people to share about any difficulties they are having, as well as chat and develop friendships that can be life-enhancing.

You do not need an appointment.

Make a Difference Tavistock also hosts talking sessions with West Devon and South Hams NHS mental health workers. You do not need to be already registered with a NHS community psychiatric nurse or health worker to attend these talking sessions, which are held on a first-come-first served basis.

Why do people volunteer at Make a Difference?

Many of the volunteers who help out at Make a Difference have been inspired to support us through their own lived experience of coping with anxiety, depression or other mental health condition.

Other people like the idea of being involved, by sharing a skill or hobby and making a difference in the community.

We're grateful too, to local businesses, trades and professionals who offer us practical support

How else can Make a Difference help me?

Everyday life can involve a lot of lot of small print and paperwork – and when you are you are coping with a mental health condition, things can seem even more complicated.
Here at the Arch, we have computers available to use, whether you are working on your CV and applying for a job, or are needing support to apply for benefits claims. Help is available to guide you through the steps you may need to take.

Are The Arch Workshops wheelchair accessible?

We recently relocated Make a Difference's entire operations from our former HQ to the Arch Workshops.
Upgrades and are still underway and our aim is to make our new hub's facilities wheelchair accessible as soon as possible.