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Mental health support and recovery

Here for you

Make a Difference Tavistock is a mental health charity inspired by community-based support, friendship and advocacy.

Our mission is to provide people in West Devon and the surrounding area with creative and practical resources to improve their mental health and wellbeing.


Our creative space is The Arch Workshops just off Taylor Square, where courses include T-shirt-printing, jewellery-making and more. We have a welcoming cafe-style space here, if you’d just like to talk.


Make a Difference also provides resources, including Mental Health First Aid training, aimed at creating a ripple-effect in mental health awareness, support and friendship throughout the wider community.

When are we open?

Visiting us

Make a Difference is open to everyone in our community. 

While Covid-19 restrictions are still in place, our drop-ins and creative sessions  at The Arch Workshops have changed, to ensure everyone's wellbeing and safety in line with current government guidelines.

Keep up to date via our Facebook page

  • Find The Arch under the viaduct, Taylor Square, Tavistock PL190DG.​

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Inspiring a mental health-kind community

​Make a Difference aims to end the stigma of living with a mental illness by bringing the local community together, through art and craft workshops, friendship, volunteering and more.

Learn how YOU can make a DIFFERENCE!

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Our community resources

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The Arch Workshops

The home of Make a Difference

The Arch Workshops are the hub of Make a Difference in Tavistock.

Our hub provides a cafe-style area with computer access and creative make-and-do spaces, open to anyone in need of mental wellbeing support, as well as local people who'd like to play a part in creating an inspirational mental health- kind community in Devon.

The Arch provides an informal and safe space to talk, build friendships, or to join creative workshop activities that bring local people together.


Get creative

Arts and crafts at The Arch Workshops in Tavistock

Be inspired to make, do and mend with Make a Difference. A wealth of fun creative courses and workshops take place at the Arch.

Check out our workshop diary for sessions to book, or get in touch if you'd like to book our maker-space for your own community group.

Are you a crafter or maker that could host a workshop at the Arch? Find out more about volunteering at Make a Difference.

Hot off the press

T-shirt printing at the Arch Workshops

Design and print your own unique T-shirt  at the Arch Workshops.

Our high-definition white-laser T-shirt printing service is available commercially, offering bespoke and bulk runs of your designs to order.

High-quality cotton T-shirts supplied in a range of colours and sizes. Ceramic mug print services also available.

T-shirts on Hangers
Crowd with Masks


Social distancing and staying safe at The Arch

In order to keep everyone safe, our drop-in services at the Arch are subject to social distancing rules, in line with current government guidelines.

Visitors must wear a mask, use the hand-sanitizer provided at the door and respect all social distancing measures in place at The Arch to ensure everyone's safety.

With social distancing safeguards currently in place, you can keep up to date with opening days and times at The Arch via our Facebook page.

Understanding mental illness


Inside your mind

The lowdown on some of the most commonly lived-with mental health conditions

Get to know the signs and symptoms of some of the most common mental health disorders and about the help and support you, or someone you know, may need



An online tool for mental health

Make a Difference offers free access to Moodgym, an interactive resource for when you need help to cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Moodgym is a secure and confidential cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program, which could be especially helpful if you are struggling due to social distancing restrictions.

As a mental health support charity, we can provide you with a code to subscribe to Moodgym for free. 

01822 613746

Call us for mental health support during lockdown

First Aid box on pink BG

First Aid for Mental Health courses

Mental health support training for your organisation

Make a Difference’s mental health first aid courses are open to members of the public, voluntary sector organisations, small businesses and larger companies.
Our Ofqual-recognised mental health first aid training courses will provide you with the tools you need to identify and respond when someone needs mental health support.

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Mental health video hub

Virtual support and self-help

We've come across and curated some very helpful videos about mental health, looking at ways of identifying and coping with what's happening in your head.
Browse our mental health video hub to learn more about what's behind your own thoughts, behaviour or anxieties, or to help better understand a mental health condition that someone you want to support is living with.

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Need extra help?

A useful guide and links to charities and organisations offering free mental health support

Based in Tavistock, Devon, we’re here to provide friendship, peer support and a listening ear, as well as free support and advice to help you with the practical side of life, when you are living with a mental illness.

Find out more about other charities that also offer mental wellbeing support, information and advice in our directory


Supporting us, supporting you

How you can Make a Difference

Help us to grow a mental health- kind community in Tavistock, through acts of friendship, volunteering or fundraising.

Find our more about how you can support mental health charity Make a Difference and discover the amazing individuals and organisations who already do

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The lowdown on mental health charity Make a Difference

More about the mental health support we offer in Devon at the Arch in Tavistock